Coming Up this Week…

Alright! So on Sunday evenings from here on, I’ll be doing a quick post about what we did over the weekend and what goals I’m going for that week and how my monthly goal is progressing. Since my monthly goal won’t start until March 9th, I’ll be doing a weekly goal the next 2 weeks. So lets dive in!

My goal for this coming week is pretty basic but it will set me up for success on D-Day (March 4th). My goal is to get up every morning at 5AM. This will be pretty drastic for me since I’ve had the luxury of sleep til about 7/7:30 the last few weeks. But as I mentioned in my Friday post, I will really need to be up at 5AM to have a successful day. If you want to be informed throughout the week on how I’m muddling through, feel free to follow me on Instagram and check my story.

This week on the blog, there will be a Part 2 installment to my “Miscarriage and Losing Purpose” post. I’ll also be talking about the process of changing my mindset towards dieting how that affects self image and how I go about meal planning (I’m worlds worst meal planner so I’ll be looking for tips/ critique from ya’ll). So definitely stay tuned! If you want consistent updates when a new post goes live, submit your email and/ or follow my Instagram and Facebook. I keep both of those updated with news and tidbits you won’t find on the blog. Now onto the weekend stuff!!!

I am grateful to say that we got a call from my doctor on Friday afternoon saying that we actually got something back from our genetic testing of Leo (that’s what we decided to name him). He had Trisomy 22 and with that, it is incredibly rare for a pregnancy to progress beyond 12 weeks. While we don’t know if that is what happened with the other miscarriages as all their genetic testings were inconclusive, for the first time we actually have a starting point and at least an answer for this one. According to my doctor, it is very rare to get an answer back from genetic testing and not only that but it’s only 1% likely to give you an answer that can help you with future pregnancies. I’ll be doing a post soon about what all this means and where we’ll be going from here, but for now, this is actually good news, considering.

Friday night we decided to use some of our hotel points (we shopped around and highly recommend the IHG group!) and do a quick, overnight trip to Montgomery so we could checkout/ become Costco members, take Emmy to the zoo, and just spend some quality family time in general.

We drove up to Montgomery when Isaac got off on Friday and ate a quick gyro dinner from Pita Mediterranean Street Food. It was really delicious and I highly recommend it. We also tried the gyro loaded fries (pretty self explanatory) and their Greek fries which were seasoned with feta crumbles, a season salt, and some fresh herbs. Both were absolutely amazing!

Hotel room cuddles 🙂

After dinner we cozied up and went to sleep so we could get up and get going in the morning. We were up, dressed, and ready to roll by 8:30 so we went down to breakfast and then headed to Costco.

Our gyro meal
Can you tell she loves her suitcase?

We’ve had a Sam’s Club membership since we got married, but honestly haven’t used it more than once a year. What we discovered was that Costco offers a much wider variety of healthy food options for families as well as being more household vs business focused so we decided to go ahead and get a membership. I’m super excited and since we also have a zoo membership, I plan on making it a monthly trip for me and Emmy.

After Costco, we headed to the zoo and the weather was perfect! High of 60 degrees with a slight breeze. The Montgomery zoo is about an hour and half from our home and definitely a great little zoo. It has a train ride, giraffe and parakeet feeding, a great park/ play area, sting ray petting, and a wildlife museum with a great layout and very educational. They’ve also got a great cafe in the center of the zoo and various little snack shacks. While we haven’t tried it ourselves, there’s also a ski lift that give a pretty good vantage point of most of the zoo. You’ll be seeing a lot of posts with us at this zoo. Feel free to click on the pictures below to expand them. One of the best zoo moments this trip was definitely the parakeet that wanted to perch right between Emmy’s hair buns. We got a good kick out of it.

After the zoo we opted to hit up Five Guys for a late lunch on the way back and I was also able to talk Isaac into browsing Rooms to Go just for fun. I have never been into that particular furniture chain and have meant to every time we’re up there but time never permitted. Since we weren’t on any time restraint, it was an easy sell. 😉

We got home at a decent hour, got to hang out with some friends, the of course had church Sunday morning. Ironically in both our Sunday school class and the sermon itself were about having the right perspective on God and how putting that into proper focus helps you see bigger picture especially when going through trials and tribulations. While I’ve always trusted that God’s plan is perfect, even throughout all of my miscarriages and our ups and downs in life, it was a really good reminder to be deliberate in pursuing the proper mindset.

So a few questions for you- what are your top favorite ways to spend time together as a family? Do you prefer relaxing or super active activities or a mixture of both? How often do you try to deliberately be together?

In closing, sorry for the delay in posting. Tomorrow’s post will be more of a lunch time post since I ran into “technical difficulties”… AKA my computer’s motherboard fried, and thankfully an awesome friend of mine let me borrow her laptop since I had no other way of working on the blog. The issues did put me behind though so I’m hoping to be able to catch up during the cozy, rainy day tomorrow especially since I’ll be up at 5!

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