Before I’m 30

Hey, guess what! It’s my birthday week! I’ll be 29 on Tuesday, March 3rd. IKR? Still pretty young and honestly I feel like that in a lot of ways. I feel like I’ve encountered, experienced, learned, and lived a lot already but I also know there’s so much more of all the aforementioned for me on the horizon.

So as I commence my 30th year, what do I want to accomplish in that time? Well I’ll tell ya. But, just know that I also want you to comment/ message me what you want to either accomplish by 30 (or your next birthday) or what you wished you would’ve accomplished by 30. This year is a year of deliberate growth and change for me and I want to think big but also not miss any of the little details. So what do you have for me?

1 The ever obvious goal when one tends to make resolutions is always to lose weight. Whether it’s 5 pounds, 20 pounds, or 100 pounds, I feel like that’s the most common goal among people, right? Well mine is along those lines but slightly different. I want to have made healthy living/ eating a normal, every day routine. I don’t want it to feel burdensome and complicated to think healthy. I want it to be standard and second nature. I’m hoping that weight loss will be an added bonus, but honestly, my body hasn’t reacted well to my countless other weight loss attempts so instead I’m not going to diet and exercise for weight loss any more. I’m going to think deliberately about feeding my body properly and making a healthy lifestyle standard in our home. I want Emmy to grow up with healthy being normal so she’s set up for success and I wan’t to enable Isaac to feel his best as well. So by the time I’m 30, in March 2021, I want my pantry and fridge to look completely different and a healthy balanced dinner to be just as effortless to throw together as Kraft macaroni and cheese.

2 This one kind of feeds into the first one. I want to be able to run my first ever 5K (and hopefully a few more)! I’ve always been active and could do outdoor/ intense physical work all day long but I’ve never been athletic and certainly not a runner. So my goal is to be able to work my way up to being able to run a 5K. I have tried those 30 and 60 day challenges to train me to run but every time I end up with an injured knee so I think I really need to focus on receiving pressure from me knee but hopefully being able to lose a few pounds and then also build up my workout stamina and muscle tone to therefore be able to run. Running a 5K is super basic but hey- I’m taking small bites at a time and making one small change at a time so I can make it sustainable for the long haul. It’s going to be a process for me but I’m hoping to start training in May or June. Wish me luck!

3 I want to have read the whole Bible in a year. I’ve read a majority of the Bible but I’ve never buckled down to read it all cohesively. Growing up in a Christian home, we had a pretty consistent diet of reading the Bible and assignments, then of course thinks like Awana, theological studies, and church. But I haven’t cohesively read it all the way through, cover to cover so to speak. Have you read it all the way through cohesively or have you read it all but just bounced around? Or do you have a goal to read it all the way through?

4 Another goal I have is to have all the fertility stuff figured out. I’m ready to have answers and know whether we should stop trying or keep going for a rainbow baby. We do have a consult the end of April but after that and going through due process, I’m really hoping that it’s made clear what’s been happening, how to fix it, or if we should stop and focus on the next phase of our lives.

5 This one might seem a little wishy washy, but I want to look back on this year and *know* that I did the absolute best I could at everything. That when I turn around our eating habits, that I did it well. That when I’ve gotten into and exercise routine and run a 5K I gave it everything I had. That my Bible reading isn’t just about checking off a goal but truly a time of learning and spiritual growth. I want to know I gave my all to figuring out the fertility stuff. No more aimlessly floating about and going day to day, but truly and deliberately living each day to it’s full potential.

Beyond these 5 major goals I have some more things I’d like to accomplish but they aren’t big things or anything crazy. They are mostly building off of what I’m already doing like sewing projects, a few travel destination goals (who doesn’t have those), obviously goals with my blog/ outreach, and building some friendships by both developing new ones and growing the ones I have. Another one is to get more involved with church. I am already part of a foster teen mentor program and I’m signed up to start getting plugged in with retirement home visiting, but I want to do a few more things. I’d love to be able to grow my hair longer, too. I’ve got a couple serums and things to try and of course I need to not lop it off as I’m tempted to do every summer when it won’t grow and it gets insanely hot outside. So yeah, some little nit noid ones to along with my major goals.

In summation, what are your goals this coming year? What is one thing you want to look back and say you accomplished in 2020? Not resolutions, per say. More like one thing in your life that if you accomplish it this year, it would affect the rest of your life and general well being. Feel free to comment below, email me, or contact me through Instagram or Facebook. I look forward to hearing from you! Until my next installment, stay motivated, peeps!

7 thoughts on “Before I’m 30

  1. My goal for this year is to save more money and pay off our debt (minus house and cars). I’ve created a budget and started using cash envelopes. It really helps keep me more aware of what I’m spending instead of swiping a card and then being shocked when I look at our account later!


    1. Oh man! I am always shocked at how quickly money goes when I swipe vs use cash. I try to use my bank app to keep a close eye on our money situation since Isaac doesn’t want me using just cash. We’re focusing on that too as a couple. We’ve paid several things down/ off since last August. 😀
      What was the biggest thing you changed on your budgeting?


  2. Well, I’m a few years past 30. But I’ll agree that I wish I had read the Bible through all the way in one year before I turned 30. Or even stuck with it and let it take two years if need be. I just wish I had stuck with it and not given up.
    With the fitness goals, I would love to set aside 5-10 minutes of abs and pushups each day. It SOUNDS so simple, and yet I don’t do it.
    With parenting, I would love to be able to manage my kids without being emotional and losing my temper. I would love to be able to calmly, rationally, respond to my kids’ mess-ups instead of losing control.


    1. You could do it with me this year if you want 😀 That’s a great ab goal! Things like that are so hard to fit in so making it a goal sounds great. I feel like all moms struggle with being short tempered. Kids know how to push our buttons better than anyone else I think lol Keep me posted on how that’s going!


  3. Just a suggestion for reading the Bible through. I, like you, had read the majority of the Bible, but never all the way through as a goal. Several years ago, I used the You Version Bible app and read through chronologically, and loved it! And I made it! One of my goals each year is to grow in my relationship with God, growing closer, knowing His Word better, spending more time in prayer. Each year I want to look back and know it was better than the one before.


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