About Me

When I think about describing myself in an “About Me” style mini bio, the words that come to my mind are “Just a small town girl, livin’ in a crazy world“… but more accurately its “just a crazy girl, livin’ in a small town”. Ask anyone- I’m nuts. More like in the sense that I’m always up for making things light-hearted, I’m incredibly sarcastic, and I love being spontaneous and therefore completely unpredictable!

To be a little more specific with the basics… I am 29 years old, live in Enterprise, AL, (population 28k) was home schooled, received technical degrees in Dressmaking and Fashion Design, as well as in Wedding and Event Planning. I am married to my 9th grade sweetheart, Isaac, who completely spoils me. I say that humbly because he really is one of kind in the husband department and I don’t feel like I deserve him. We’ve been married over 5 years and I genuinely love every aspect of life with him.

After a couple miscarriages we had our sweet little girl, Emmy Claire, who is 4 years old and so full of life and curiosity. She is my little buddy and together we love taking walks in our little neighborhood, traveling, enjoying the beach, and hogging all of Isaac’s time and including him in all the above when he’s off work. We try to give him the occasional moment to himself but unfortunately for him, that doesn’t go too well.

In regards to just me, I call myself a “Jill of all trades, master of none”. Despite my lack of experience or mastery, I jump head first into each of my passions when the whim grabs me. I have a hard time pacing myself so if I want to sew a project the child won’t get fed, the house won’t get cleaned, and I most likely won’t sleep until it’s done. I am TERRIBLE. It’s one of the things I hope you’ll see me improve on over the next few months as I learn to pace myself better. Fabric is definitely my main love in the hobby department. If I could have an unlimited supply of anything in the universe, it would be whatever fabric/ textile I want- more specifically fine fabrics. Formal dressmaking is my crafting passion.

My second love that ties if not slightly surpasses sewing and crafting is travel. And I’m a little weird… I absolutely adore road trips and traveling long distance in the car. I mentioned in my first blog post that I would live out of my Honda CR-V, traveling around if I could. (Currently accepting sponsor offers on this btw.) Last year, Emmy and I took what I hope to be an annual trip from south Alabama to Wyoming, Idaho, and across the northern US to North Dakota and back. We have friends and family all over and we got to see so many amazing places like Salt Lake and Yellowstone in that trip. Emmy is a champion traveler and enjoyed it just as much as I did.

When my travel fund has run completely dry, I pass the time at home pursuing my other interests like interior decorating, furniture refinishing, yard work, homemaking, spending time with friends (often being play dates involving coffee and letting kiddos run around at the park), and plugging in to different ministries at church. I’m currently engaged in a mentor program to prepare foster teens to support themselves beyond 18. Teenagers are a huge passion of mine. Not in a project way but I truly enjoy getting to know them and build relationships. As my health improves and I have more energy, I have several other things I want to get plugged into, but for now this is about all I can focus on and for which I have the time and energy.

This is pretty much me. I love learning new things, seeing new places, meeting new people, and enjoying life. I love being real but not taking life more seriously than necessary. I’m crazy, I’m a mom, a wife, a Christian, a crafter, a homemaker, and most importantly an overcomer. I don’t believe in living in or letting hardship become your identity. I believe every person has a story that can redefine and redirect you. But it doesn’t have to be a lifelong burden. That is what this blog is all about: Navigating those experiences and building a rose garden out of ashes- thriving despite chaos and confusion. We are all broken, we all have questions, we all get stuck. Join me as I turn my big losses into even bigger resolutions to thrive and become a better me.

P.S. If you want to know a little more about my story and why I’m putting myself out there, please feel free to peruse my introductory blog post.