An in depth look into my blog and it’s purpose can be found in my introductory blog post. Below you’ll find more specific questions with quick answers. If you have any other questions, I’d be happy to answer them. Just contact me or comment on one of my blog posts.

1- When do you post? Is it random? I typically try to post once a week. I am currently in the process of relaunching my custom sewing and alterations business so it has been more inconsistent of late. However, if there is a specific topic you’d like me to write about, I’d be more than happy to prioritize it! Feel free to send me your suggestions through any of the options listed below.

2 – Will you only write about miscarriage and infertility? Glad you asked! The short answer is “No”. This blog is my journey into better health (which includes a goal of losing 75 pounds), becoming more productive as a SAHM through learning how to garden, homeschool, etc., revamping my family’s eating habits, creating a more active lifestyle, and maybe even post some crafting tutorials here and there. It will be a chronicle of mine and my family’s life through some major upheavals and transitions but more importantly, it will address life amidst complicated emotions that stem from infertility, its affects on marriage, your children, your outlook on life and much more.

3 – What is your goal for this blog? Honestly, my motto for a while has been “Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody”. My goal is that by talking about my past hardships, my experiences, my emotional process, and my every day life, that it would make even just one or two people feel like they’re not alone and someone out there gets them. I’m hoping that those people will reach out and let me know they’ve been encouraged or even just to talk. This isn’t just a blog to me. This is about being real and reaching real people.

4 – Are you on Instagram? Facebook? Snapchat? Twitter? So I’m super basic. I do have a basic Facebook profile and Instagram. I update my Instagram throughout the day with my progress, little nit-noid tidbits, and of course what happens in our home on an average day. I’m not a professional by any means so you won’t find the perfect color coordinated theme or insta-perfect posing and backgrounds but it’s real and unstaged 97.5% of the time. If you want to hit me up on Instagram, my username is emily.helvin